About Toni

Toni has been doing genealogy research on her own extensive Italian family, her husband’s Irish family and son in law’s German family for the last 30 years. She now has more than 9,600 of her closest family members entered in her Family Tree Maker program.  Toni has identified relatives on extended branches who married into the family including those from various immigrant ethnic groups as well as others who have been here long enough to practically have greeted George Washington when he arrived.  She is a member of several genealogical organizations, and was recently Chairman of the Genealogy Club of Newtown.

For the last 14 years, while not doing continuing research on her own family, Toni has been teaching several levels of genealogy in her home town of Ridgefield, CT. (Seven classes weekly this year). Toni is on a mission to expose as many people as possible to the fun, excitement, and importance of tracing their own genealogy. She believes documenting your family history is important for yourself and for future generations, even if they are not interested or have the time now.  Over the years she has taught over 4000 hours of genealogy courses at Founders Hall in Ridgefield, Redding, CT as well as Bronxville and Mamaroneck, NY.

Toni has also been a popular lecturer at various genealogy societies in the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston, and Long Island areas.

Her background: Toni was born in Miami, Florida.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Biology from C.W. Post College on L.I. Toni has been married for over 44 years, and has two children and three granddaughters (perfect, gorgeous and brilliant, naturally).  Her training from her research background while earning her degrees in biology helped her to establish organized systems and charts for recording family information for herself and her students…a problem for most researchers.

Toni enjoys traveling yearly to Italy to visit the towns of her ancestors in search of additional photos and original documents of her distant relatives to round out her research from the various towns in the regions of the Amalfi Coast, Calabria, and Sicily.

Ancestors have a way of hiding.  Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of the available online sites, knowing what various databases exist and how to use them for your benefit are critical to successfully find those pesky relatives.   In her lectures, Toni shares the tips and tricks she has developed over the years to help locate difficult relatives who don’t seem to want to be found.